BUV offers opportunity to study game design, development education

By Thy An   January 21, 2024 | 10:00 pm PT
BUV's Bachelor's programs in Computer Games Design & Programming and Games Art aim to equip students with essential skills for the job market.

Vietnam's gaming industry has surpassed US$500 million, placing it fifth in Southeast Asia.

Over half of Vietnam’s population engages in entertainment through gaming products. With impressive growth, the gaming industry in Vietnam is attracting more students aspiring to develop their careers.

Human resources challenges

Gaming is an industry with significant growth potential in Vietnam. The Vietnamese government is actively investing in and prioritizing the gaming sector, which is one of the eight fields for Vietnam’s breakthrough development. This may demand a huge number of highly educated professionals in the future.

However, the workforce in this field currently mostly comes from information technology, and graphic design.

The number of domestic educational institutions offering comprehensive programs in game design and development is still limited.

British University Vietnam (BUV) is one of the few higher education institutions in Vietnam that offers Bachelor’s programs in Computer Games Design & Programming and in Games Art, both of which are awarded by Staffordshire University (UK), with curriculum and teaching quality equivalent to those in the U.K.

The BA (Hons) Games Art is also one of the six new programs offered by BUV for the academic year 2024-2025, providing a reputable and world-class studying option for students in Vietnam.

Modern facilities enable BUV to train students in Computer Games Design and Programming as well as a Bachelor of Games Art. Photo courtesy of BUV

Modern facilities enable BUV to train students in Computer Games Design and Programming as well as a Bachelor of Games Art. Photo courtesy of BUV

Opportunity to study games at leading university

Staffordshire University (SU) is now ranked seventh in the world for Games Design and Development training and is one of the top 10 young universities in the U.K. for employment prospects. It boasts the largest Games Department in the U.K.

The long-standing collaboration between BUV and SU provides Vietnamese students with one of the world's leading game design training programs and opportunities for development in the gaming industry.

While the BA (Hons) Games Art program focuses on producing and building quality and visually pleasing graphics that meet the needs of the gaming industry, the BSc (Hons) Computer Games Design and Programming provides learners with an in-depth understanding of professional game development tools to create prototypes, gaming experiences, essential skills, and career development opportunities.

Strengths in the training methods of both Games Art and Computer Games Design and Programming Bachelor’s programs at BUV focus on practical experiences and projects. This is the best way to grasp the entire process of game development.

Students not only have the opportunity to build innovative game projects through assignments and assessments but also engage in game development projects that are evaluated and guided by lecturers and industry specialists.

BUV also offers a modern and practical learning environment similar to that of a real-world game studio, such as Computer Lab; Computer Games Design and Programming room (CGDP Room) with high-configured computers and 27-inch monitors that can be adjusted for various usage needs; a Motion Capture Studio outfitted with a green screen system (Chroma Key) and specialized filming equipment; and virtual reality (VR) glasses to assist students with the creation and design of games.

Contestants participating in Game Jam organized by BUV. Photo courtesy of BUV

Contestants participating in Game Jam organized by BUV. Photo courtesy of BUV

With the mission of nurturing highly employable graduates with innovative and breakthrough thinking, BUV constantly makes efforts to give students opportunities for practical experience through interesting workshops and competitions.

A notable example is Game Jam, a 44-hour game creation challenge that allows students to not only unleash their creativity but also enhance their critical thinking and teamwork skills. The final products are directly consulted and evaluated by experts from prestigious global game corporations and studios.

Considering the industry’s prospects and current human resource needs in Vietnam and around the world, as well as the government's support, a BUV's representative said that expanding the school's academic offerings is the right direction and a proactive step toward the future.

"This collaboration with Staffordshire University is also a significant milestone for BUV in contributing to the development of a quality international education system, producing proactive, confident young generations ready to face challenges."

Furthermore, with a commitment to contributing to educating the workforce for the Vietnamese gaming industry that aligns with the Vietnamese government’s direction, BUV has exchanged a MOU on cooperation with the National Innovation Center (NIC).

The school also announced the establishment of the BUV GamePad - the Innovation, Investment, and Entrepreneurship Center for Computer Games Programming, Art, and Design.

The initiative is planned to be a launching pad for new talent, recruiting, and developing industry leaders in the future.

Visit here for more detailed information about Bachelor of Games Art Program or here for further information about the Bachelor of Computer Games Design and Programming program.

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