British University Vietnam awarded global quality accreditation

February 13, 2023 | 07:00 pm PT
British University Vietnam has become the first school in Vietnam to receive university-wide accreditation from the Higher Education Quality Assurance Agency (QAA).

The university is also the first in the ASEAN region and is among 22 universities outside the U.K. to achieve QAA university-wide accreditation.

QAA regulates the performance of all universities in the U.K. as well as those delivering British higher degree programs elsewhere in the world.

To earn the QAA quality accreditation, British University Vietnam (BUV) completed the International Quality Review (IQR), a rigorous procedure which benchmarks global higher education institutions against the U.K.’s international quality assurance standards. BUV achieved highest level of performance in all 10 categories.

QAA offered special commendation to BUV for operations in three specific areas of best practice.

First, its significant employer engagement and connections with civic society is actively facilitated by all internal stakeholders, including students.

Second, BUV offers opportunities and support for students in preparing for, identifying, and participating in work placements and internships, as formal components of programs and as extracurricular activities, greatly enhances job readiness and employability.

Third, certified and comprehensive Personal Development Program enhances students' knowledge and personal development, and help to define their attributes upon graduation.

BUV’s campus in Ecopark Township, Hung Yen.

BUV’s campus in Ecopark Township in the northern province of Hung Yen. Photo by BUV

"It is to their credit that they become the first university in Vietnam to achieve this recognition. I hope this is the beginning of a deep relationship with BUV and that we can work together on other activities," Chris Bland, QAA’s Head of Accreditation and Consultancy, said.

Professor Dr Raymond Gordon, Vice-Chancellor, and President of BUV, stated: "2023 marks the 50th anniversary of bilateral relations between Vietnam and the United Kingdom. Since its inception, BUV has contributed to the strength of the relationship between the two nations, and it will continue to do so.

BUV will continue to contribute resources to the Vietnamese Government’s education priorities. Receiving the highest level of accreditation from both QS and QAA is a result of the university's efforts to invest in a world-class higher education learning environment in Vietnam."

In 2022, BUV attained the internationally recognized QS 5-star quality rating. The two achievements reaffirm BUV’s mission, which is to develop highly employable graduates who are also caring and kind human beings. Graduates will also be cross-disciplinary in skills and language; innovative, imaginative, respectfully confident; and committed to continuous learning and development. BUV expects all its staff, students, and stakeholders to care about the wellbeing of other people; to respect their environment; and be socially and culturally inclusive.

To align with this mission, BUV aims to promote their quality on a global scale and gain an advantage in initiating collaboration outside and within Vietnam by attracting high-quality academics and students from across the world to Vietnam.

In the immediate future, BUV will continue to align its academic curriculum to the practical needs of the Vietnam labor market, and provide students with internship opportunities in a wide range of industries and positions.

It strives to maintain its record of 100% of students attaining employment or moving on to higher studies within three months of graduation, and complete the third phase of its campus construction by 2028 with a planned total investment of more than US$150 million.

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