ATM test-run stuns Hanoi bank client

By Thanh Thanh Lan   March 1, 2017 | 07:24 pm PT
The client received a blue strip of paper in lieu of an actual bank note.

An ATM in a Hanoi shopping mall spit out a blue piece of paper emblazoned with a Dong amount, on Wednesday, surprising a PVcomBank customer who was expecting VND500,000 ($22).

The client subsequently received a text message saying the amount he'd attempted to withdraw had been debited from his account.

According to a statement subsequently issued by the bank, the error was the result of some sort of test-run.


Rectangular blue paper that reads VND500,000.

"Due to the test-run process and the fact that our contractor has not completed technical handover to PVcomBank, cash was not issued and the client withdrew a demo paper," the Hanoi-based bank said in its statement.

The bank refunded the sum to its client shortly after the incident.

PVcomBank had notified clients via text message about a planned systems upgrade; the notifications made no mention of ATM test-runs.

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