Vietnamese in Myanmar relocated to safe zones: ministry

By Vu Anh, Nhu Tam   November 23, 2023 | 06:27 am PT
Vietnamese in Myanmar relocated to safe zones: ministry
Police patrol in Yangon, Myanmar, July 19, 2023. Photo by AFP
Around 700 Vietnamese citizens have moved to temporary safe zones in Myanmar amid ongoing armed conflicts, the foreign ministry said Thursday.

"According to information provided by the Embassy of Myanmar, the situation in a few regions in northern Myanmar have complicated developments... So far there are over 700 Vietnamese citizens who are in temporary safety zones, and some others who are awaiting further identification," said spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pham Thu Hang on Thursday.

The foreign ministry has asked the Embassy in Myanmar to collaborate with local authorities to ensure safety and basic living conditions for Vietnamese citizens, as well as allowing them opportunities to escape areas of conflicts in northern Myanmar, near China border.

The ministry and Vietnamese representatives in Myanmar, are working with Chinese authorities to obtain protective measures for Vietnamese citizens in the war-torn nation.

Hang said the foreign ministry would continue monitoring the situation and remain ready to deploy measures to protect Vietnamese citizens and bring them home once transportation plans are finalized.

Previously, the ministry warned Vietnamese citizens to avoid traveling to the states Shan, Kayin and Rakhine states of Myanmar if it is not necessary. Citizens in these states should have plans to evacuate themselves and their properties to either Vietnam or a third-party country, the ministry added.

Conflicts between the Three Brotherhood Alliance and the Myanmar army have sparked attacks by rebels on authorities. Fights have entered their fourth week, spreading to the country’s western and eastern areas. Over 286,000 Myanmar people have had to be relocated due to the conflicts, according to statistics by the U.N. by Wednesday.

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