1,000 trees relocated for park renovation

By Le Hoang   July 2, 2024 | 06:50 pm PT
1,000 trees relocated for park renovation
About 1,000 trees at the Hoi An Park in Thanh Hoa Province would either be relocated or removed. Photo by VnExpress/Le Hoang
Nearly 1,000 trees in the largest park of the central province of Thanh Hoa are to be relocated as the park is renovated.

A representative of the Thanh Hoa Construction Investment Project Management Board on Monday said contractors are instructing workers to relocate around 800 trees for the renovation and upgrade of the Hoi An Park. The trees are mostly African mahogany, coastal she-oak and phoenix flower, among others.

Over 200 other trees also have to be cut down as they would no longer be appropriate for the park, including banyan trees and ficus trees.

This is the highest number of trees to be relocated within a public park in Thanh Hoa.

Besides the relocated and removed trees, contractors are expected to plant 1,200 new trees and plants for the park.

Cao Huu Tue, vice director of the board, said the project has to be carried out urgently despite the summer heat in order to keep up with the schedule. Contractors would also need to ensure that the trees stay healthy, and they would be insured for two years.

The Hoi An Park, formerly known as Thanh Hoa Park, was built in 2003 over 24 ha across Lam Son and Truong Thi wards.

For many years, Thanh Hoa has allowed individuals and businesses to rent it out for restaurants, cafés, and tennis courts, among others, causing the park's available space to be reduced, necessitating a renovation.

The renovation of the park would cost over VND170 billion (US$6.68 million), with the goal of maximizing the park's cultural value and contributing to socioeconomic development. While contracts stated that the project would be completed before mid-2025, Le Anh Xuan, secretary of Thanh Hoa Party Committee, said the project would strive to be completed within this year.

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