VnExpress Marathon Hue unveils purple-toned race shirts

By Nguyen Nghia   March 8, 2024 | 01:24 am PT
The race and finisher shirts for VnExpress Marathon Hue are inspired by the purple shade of sunset and the architectural features of the Nguyen Dynasty's royal palace.

Runners participating in the VnExpress Marathon Hue 2024 on April 21 will have a choice between T-shirts and singlets. The design features a purple-pink color reminiscent of the mesmerizing sunset along the Perfume River, coupled with the delicate blossoms of parasol trees that adorn the landscape every April.

"When runners gather in Hue ancient capital in April for the VnExpress Marathon, it is also the time when the parasol tree flowers begin to bloom on the streets. In homage to the characteristic purple hue of these flowers, we've crafted the race shirt to reflect this color," said a representative of the design team.

Two versions of the VM Hue 2024 jersey. Interested readers can register here.

Two versions of the VM Hue 2024 jersey. Interested runners can register here. Photo by VM

The intricate enamel pattern details of the royal palace architecture and the Nhat Binh traditional dress serve as inspiration for the design. For the T-shirt version, the gradient color bands gradually change from pink to purple, prominently adorning both sleeves. The singlet design features color bands along the shoulders that run down the back.

To enhance the experience of participants in this year's VnExpress Marathon series, organizers have opted for microfiber fabric for jerseys. Renowned for its antibacterial properties, odor reduction, and breathability, this fabric is deemed ideal for outdoor sports activities. It is wrinkle-resistant, stays soft and smooth, has high durability, retains its shape, and does not fade over time when used correctly.

The product is from Newton, distributed by Key Power Sports Vietnam.

Similar to previous races, participants completing the 21 km and 42 km distances will be rewarded with finisher shirts. Reflecting the event's theme, the shirts predominantly feature purple, with a touch of blue for the 42 km and a purple-yellow combination for the 21 km finishers.

The finisher shirt for 21km and 42km runners.

The finisher shirt for 21 km and 42 km runners.

The VnExpress Marathon Hue is offering a special 15% discount on bibs for all distances in celebration of International Women's Day. The discounted prices stand at VND807,500 for 5 km, VND977,500 for 10 km, VND1.2 million for the half marathon (21 km), and VND1.6 million for the full marathon (42 km).

In a notable adjustment this year, the race route has been revamped. The starting point for all distances is now at Le Duan Street, situated near Nha Do Gate, while the finishing line is located near Quang Duc Gate. The revised route traverses numerous renowned historical sites, offering participants a glimpse into the rich heritage of the ancient capital.

Interested readers can register here.

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