The person behind my family's happiness

By Quoc   February 1, 2023 | 05:31 pm PT
Recently, my wife has seemed very happy and optimistic. She has stopped complaining about her life, which is a stark contrast to every winter before when she was always moody and had no energy or spirit.

This year, I noticed that she looked so much happier. She diligently did household chores, spent more time with the kids, and spent less time on her phone or watching the TV. She suddenly turned into the devoted wife and mother that anybody could dream of.

When I came home, the house was clean, there was always food on the table, and my children were better taken care of than before.

Growing suspicious of my wife’s sudden change, I snooped around on her phone and where she had gone. It turns out that she has been seeing her boyfriend once every two weeks. Her boyfriend is single, attractive, and earns more than me.

Her partner in this affair is a friend who she knew before meeting me. Because of me, she had to move to a place far away from the city, which made her feel depressed and no longer active and optimistic. Her boyfriend lives in the city where we used to live, about a three-hour drive away.

My wife chose not to leave me because we have children together. I also did not make a big deal out of it because I wanted to make up for what my wife had to sacrifice to be with me. We have also lost our feelings for each other, and our love life is no longer as active as it was eight years ago.

My wife and I know each other all too well and that our relationship has turned into that of siblings instead of spouses. After seeing her so happy, beautiful and youthful, I am also happy for her. I would rather see her like that than being moody and depressed like she was before.

As I read through her text messages, I saw that her boyfriend promised to be with her. He didn’t ask her to have a divorce and said that he would always be there for her whenever she needs him.

It seems that her partner also loves my wife very much. Am I too noble for not making a big deal out of my wife’s affair and actually feeling happy for her instead?

Our lives are perfect and I’m not interested in seeing other women. Life in a small province must be too boring for her, but I can't move to a big city to let her live the life she wants. She can't leave me either.

Hope you can help me with this.

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