Should I ask my ex-husband for alimony?

By Ha Yen   August 30, 2023 | 03:46 pm PT
I filed for divorce a year ago as my husband was addicted to gambling and got into debts many times despite me encouraging him to quit.

I did not ask him to send alimony since I knew he had a lot of debts, though my monthly salary is only around VND10 million ($414). That figure is just enough to cover expenses for me and my three-year-old daughter, and I do not have any savings.

My daughter and I are living with my parents, who are not so well-off either. My parents have always encouraged me to get back with my ex-husband, as they believe that is the best thing for us.

They even discouraged me from asking for alimony from my ex-husband, saying "he couldn’t even take care of himself," though all of my friends who know our story said that I should ask him to send alimony.

As far as I know, my ex-husband’s current job is stable and his monthly salary ranges around VND12-13 million. He occasionally drops by my parents’ place to visit us, and everytime like that, he brings a piece of cloth or some snacks as his gift for our daughter, no more.

Should I ask him to send child support money, even just VND1-2 million a month, to have some savings in case of financial struggles in the future?

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