Newlyweds ask for financial advice

By Nhu Y   April 2, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
I’m 30 and my husband is 34. We have been married for less than a year and don’t have any kids yet. Before we got married, my husband already had a car and a house.

My husband’s monthly salary is VND45 million ($1,896) while I make VND18 million ($759). I also have a monthly rental income of VND16 million ($674) thanks to a property that my parents gave me.

We agreed to both pay expenses for things such as house renovations, household bills, groceries, eating out and gas.

My husband takes care of our occasional vacations. My salary is spent on essential items and some of it is put in a savings account.

I don’t care about what my husband does with his salary and vice versa. We also have a joint account where we put a specific amount of money each month as an investment.

After our marriage, aside from receiving gold, our parents from both sides also gave us more than VND2 billion ($84,300) as a fund. We currently keep this money in the bank.

Our parents don’t live with us as they are still healthy and have their own incomes, so we only return the favor if it’s within our abilities. They don’t accept money from us either.

We have a relatively stable life, with an emergency fund and an investment fund that is readily available. I want to know if the way we split our finances is reasonable or not.

Is there anything we could do to manage our finances more effectively?

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