My wife’s straightforwardness annoys our neighbors

By Tan Dat   August 4, 2023 | 05:00 pm PT
My wife is an office worker in her 30s. She is straightforward and likes everything to be clear.

We have just bought an apartment. To me, living in an apartment complex means we have to lower our standards sometimes, as there are many people in the same complex, whose lifestyles may collapse.

But my wife does not think so. She is always annoyed by how careless our neighbors are.

For example, she complains when water leaks from our neighbor’s trash bags to the hallway’s floor. She complains when children hang around and make noises in the hallway. And if directly complaining with those people does not work, she gets mad and tells the complex’s administrative board directly.

The relationship between us and our neighbors have gradually become worse because of this.

The most recent incident was my wife complaining about the family living upstairs, who get up and chop meat at 5 a.m. everyday. She even complained to the local police.

I have had to convince my wife that everyone has their own way to live, and we cannot make people live the way we want. We should simply be more tolerant instead.

But my wife still thinks everyone should behave like her: remind our children not to make noises, treat others with respect, and so on.

How I can change my wife’s thoughts?

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