My in-laws’ frequent visits become source of frustration for me

By Duc Dung   April 13, 2024 | 03:16 pm PT
Whenever they come over, my parents-in-law tend to overindulge my children by helping them with household tasks, engaging in cuddles, and spending too much time watching TV or playing on the phone with them.

I’m 43, and my wife is 38. We entered into marriage later in life, resulting in us having two young sons, aged 10 and six.

Originating from a rural setting and holding a steady job, compared to my wife’s urban background and her career as an accountant, we have successfully saved enough to purchase an apartment near our workplaces.

My parents reside 100 kilometers away, limiting their visits to a few times annually, with additional visits during traditional holidays when my entire family makes the trip to see them. In contrast, my wife’s parents live in close proximity to our apartment, leading to them stopping by more frequently.

A minor issue arises from my in-laws being retired, granting them ample free time, which translates to them visiting excessively and often staying until late in the evening every day. This becomes problematic as my sons require time in the evenings for their studies.

Typically, I get home from work by 7 p.m. and endeavor to assist my children with their schoolwork. However, I frequently come home to find my in-laws allowing the kids to watch TV or play on the phone, in addition to telling them not to worry about household chores as they will handle everything, a practice I disapprove of and have addressed with them to no avail.

What should I do now?

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