My husband is kind but earns little

By Mai Mai   February 5, 2024 | 06:18 pm PT
I chose my husband for his kindness, consideration, and minimal bad habits, yet he earns little and has debts.

We are both 34 and have been married for a year, with me in the final month of pregnancy. Pressure from my family led to our rapid marriage after meeting and my immediate pregnancy.

Although we are not wealthy, my stable job and substantial family support, including an apartment I owned pre-marriage and occasional financial gifts from my father, have left me with enough savings for childbirth.

However, I do not know for how much longer I can persist. Despite approaching my due date, I have received no financial support from my husband for nearly a year. I bear the cost of everything from prenatal check-ups to groceries, without expecting contributions from him due to his tight budget.

To ease the financial load, I proposed we each contribute VND6 million (US$246) monthly for our expenses post-birth. He has already paid VND12 million upfront and promised an extra VND20 million for childbirth costs, yet he has not managed to earn more yet.

I understand his effort, seeing him working tirelessly from dawn to dusk, so I seldom raise financial concerns or pressure him. However, I am anxious this pattern might persist, given the uncertainties of my husband’s self-employment and potential financial downturns.

I am worried about how we will manage as our expenses will multiply after the baby arrives, and VND12 million a month will scarcely cover the needs of three in Hanoi.

How can I ensure a balance in our financial situation?

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