My girlfriend is too strict with me

By Hoang Hai   October 18, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
My girlfriend always forces me to act the way she wants.

I’m 27, my girlfriend is 26, and we started dating two years ago. Both of us have good looks and stable jobs, as my girlfriend is working as an auditor at a big corporation.

I was initially attracted to my girlfriend because of her looks at first, but I then realized how harsh her personality is. She perhaps inherited her parents’ characteristics, as my girlfriend’s father is a retired soldier, while her mother is a nurse.

For example, she is obsessed with arranging things neatly. She once visited my place and was annoyed with how messy my room was. She demonstrated how to tidy it up to me, but as I did not have that habit, my room was back to its messy situation after a few days.

When my girlfriend dropped by again, she got frustrated. Only when I cleaned my room and sent her a video of it afterwards would she talk to me again.

She limits the amount of coke I am allowed to have each month, and closely keeps a record of it. She complains about how I shower with hot water all the time, how I forget to take pills even after buying them, how I do not change my face mask, how I do not fix my collars, and so on.

As a man who has been living alone for 10 years after my parents divorced, I do not care about those details. However, I am always open for feedback and willing to improve myself. Still, I get tired of her nagging sometimes.

My girlfriend explained to me once that she had always been nitpicked over by her parents, which made her suffocate and uncontrollably complain about me in turn. She apologized to me and promised that she would change, but she still does it now, sometimes out of habit.

I started to think that if we get married, being her husband would be so tiring. I do not want to be the son-in-law of her nitpicking parents either if what she says is true.

Should I continue with this relationship?

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