My ex-husband wants to get back together

By Ngoc Anh   April 6, 2023 | 07:08 pm PT
We’ve been divorced for 2 years and have a lovely three-year-old son for whom my ex-husband has never stopped caring a great deal.

The main reason we got a divorce was because of my conflicts with my former mother-in-law, in addition to some petty fights here and there. We were still young and unable to work things out, so we decided to end our marriage quickly.

I’m now 30 and have a stable income of VND40 million ($1,696) from my own business. I don’t work anywhere else so I have quite a lot of free time with my baby.

I have no intention of remarrying anyone else out of love for my son. Furthermore, I find marriage to be too intimidating and I think I lack the courage to try. I bring my son to his paternal grandparents every three or four weeks.

After the divorce, my relationship with my former parents-in-law got better, which was probably thanks to us not living together anymore.

Recently, my ex-husband said he wanted to get back together with me because he still loves me, and, most of all, he doesn’t want our son to be mocked by his friends for having stepparents in the future.

My ex-husband says he hasn’t dated anyone else since our divorce as he’s still waiting for a chance for us to change and get back together.

A huge problem with that now is that my husband will have to move to southern town of Vung Tau to work, so my son and I will have to go with him. We’re currently living in Hanoi.

Even though I’m living a life full of freedom, where I can do whatever I want and book a vacation with my son anytime I want, I can’t help but feel a bit lonely sometimes.

Am I being too selfish for not prioritizing my son?

Should I leave my business in Hanoi to get back together with my ex-husband and allow my son a chance to have both of his parents with him again?

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