My ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend expresses a desire to meet me

By Huyen Trang   April 11, 2024 | 02:55 pm PT
The current girlfriend of my ex-boyfriend phoned me after I didn’t respond to her text message requesting a meeting.

During the call, she mentioned she would soon be visiting my city on business and expressed a keen interest in meeting me. Despite my busy personal life, which I cited as a reason to decline, her persistence did not wane.

Her determination reached a point where she even discovered my home address and suggested meeting at a café nearby for convenience. Though I harbor no fears, given that my past relationship is well behind me, her extreme measures puzzled me, prompting me to agree to the meeting.

Upon meeting her, my preconceptions were upended by her gentle and elegant demeanor. At the age of 40, she radiated beauty, vitality, and youthfulness. She revealed her motive was to understand why, for the past two years, my ex-boyfriend had not returned her affections.

Her sacrifices for this relationship led me to question why she was willing to expend her youth in this manner. In response, she spoke of love’s indescribable nature and how deep affection can make one feel diminished. She also disclosed that her knowledge of me was the result of her own investigations, which all started with a scenario that seemed lifted from a film plot: a room in my ex’s home he kept locked and told her not to enter.

One day, tasked with dog-sitting while he was abroad, she hired a locksmith to uncover the room’s contents, driven by her curiosity.

Initially skeptical of her story, my disbelief turned to shock when presented with photos of myself and my ex-boyfriend during our dating period. The room housed mementos of our relationship, from sentimental poems I wrote and photos of me to a bracelet I bought my ex-boyfriend in the past, underscoring his continued attachment to me.

His girlfriend then explained that the intrusion was rooted in her love for him, stating her acceptance of his past and her desire to simply meet and get to know me, devoid of any intent to compete.

Our conversation also delved into the reasons I ended the relationship with my ex-boyfriend. There was one time when I got sick but my attempts to reach him remained unanswered, which led to feelings of abandonment during a vulnerable time.

Additionally, during my three-day hospital stay, I serendipitously met my now-husband. His kindness and compassion left a lasting impression on me, marking the beginning of our relationship.

So after being discharged, I resigned from my job and began seeking employment in another city. By coincidence, I encountered my now-husband once more during a job interview as he happened to work there. This reunion seemed predestined, reinforcing my belief in destiny’s influence on finding true love.

Since marrying, I have not attempted to reconnect with my ex or inquire into his lack of communication during my illness. However, the revelation from my ex’s current girlfriend unveiled his own ordeal of an accident and subsequent hospitalization, which prevented him from contacting me. She even provided medical documents to substantiate this, highlighting the depth of her love for him and dedication despite his initial reluctance.

In conclusion, I conveyed to her my intention to leave the past behind, treating those memories with detachment. My life has remained undisturbed by my ex for a decade, a peace I wish to maintain, leading me to decline her offer of friendship.

When I shared the encounter with my husband, he reassured me of the primacy of our shared future over the past. Reflecting on the experience, I also acknowledge my fortune in having experienced love both past and present.

Yet, as I pen these thoughts, I find myself moved to tears, pondering the profound nature of love. What are your thoughts on this?

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