My 37-year-old girlfriend is immature

By Phong Vu   January 8, 2024 | 05:00 pm PT
Though she is generally cheerful, my girlfriend can become upset quickly and leave abruptly without allowing me to explain.

I am 35, and I became acquainted with my girlfriend through mutual interactions.

Our companies are located near each other. Though we initially did not pay much attention to each other, we grew closer over time and began hanging out frequently before eventually developing feelings for each other.

I have lived with my mother, who is now retired, since childhood. Despite being an only child, I am independent, capable of cooking and managing household chores, and I maintain control over my emotions well even when angry.

My girlfriend is the youngest daughter in her family. She is understanding, considerate, and takes great care in her appearance. She admits her peculiar nature and has suggested breaking up if I could not handle it.

There was one time when we visited a local market to buy souvenirs on a trip. When a seller mistakenly added an item to my bag, my girlfriend loudly accused them of trickery. I suggested it might be a mistake, but this upset her for the remainder of the trip, and I had to try to cheer her up.

Another incident unfolded when a notification for a secret message popped up on my phone when we were together. Despite my openness to show her the messages and assurances of fidelity, my girlfriend became jealous and left abruptly.

We had unprotected sexual intercourse once, leading to her concern about pregnancy. I reassured her, saying I would marry her if she became pregnant, but she frequently revisited the topic during subsequent arguments. It eventually turned out she was not pregnant, but experiencing a late menopause.

The most recent time she got upset was when I did not use the chopsticks she prepared for me. I explained to her that I was independent and could take good care of myself, but she stressed the importance of accommodating her preferences.

Every time she gets mad, like in the instances I mentioned, she suggests breaking up if I cannot adapt and blocks me on social media. Despite this, I always apologize and strive to improve, as I know no two people are perfectly compatible.

I love her, but I do not know whether I can put up with her emotions long-term. Hence, I am considering taking a break to reflect on our relationship. Is this the right decision?

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