I’m stressed because of my lazy mother-in-law

By Huong Ly   January 12, 2024 | 04:46 pm PT
Apart from waiting for my husband to give her the things she wants, the only activities my mother-in-law engages in are eating and sleeping.

I am 34, my husband is 38. We have been married for two years and we do not have any children yet.

I am independent and well-behaved, while my husband has a good personality, always helps me with household chores, behaves thoughtfully, and adores me.

However, I cannot stand my mother-in-law. She is 77, and she never does anything. She leaves dishes piled up after eating and her clothes and garbage scattered everywhere at home. She always finds excuses to justify her laziness whenever my husband asks.

Being lazy made her sick lately and my husband brought her to our home to take care of her better, which started my stressful days.

After my mother-in-law wakes up in the morning she waits for my husband to buy breakfast for her, then leaves the dishes in the sink and goes back to lie down on her hammock, waiting for my husband to return home at noon to have lunch with him.

She had eye surgery, but in fact, she does not need to avoid doing anything except heavy labor. But she never lifts a finger to help me with household chores. She throws her clothes on the floor without putting them in the laundry basket after taking a shower. She asks my husband to buy the food she wants to eat.She even constantly asks my husband to get her drinks instead of getting up from her hammock to grab one herself.

I am used to being tidy and clean. s I leave early for work every day and return late in the evening, I often feel unbearably stressed due to my mother-in-law's laziness.

Seeing how she asks my husband to do this and that for her makes me feel very sorry for my husband as well. I do no't even want to return home after work sometimes, knowing that my mother-in-law's mess is waiting for me. But she will stay with us for another month.

Am I being too harsh or selfish?

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