I’m interested in discussing sharing of my wife’s assets acquired before marriage

By Thai Hung   February 26, 2024 | 03:18 pm PT
As for my own asset before marriage, it is a plot of land valued at VND500 million (US$20,268), while my wife owns two properties worth a total of VND2 billion.

We’ve been married for a year now and are facing infertility issues. My wife is very compassionate.

We both enjoy relatively stable incomes: I earn VND20 million and my wife VND30 million monthly. Aware of my wife’s financial struggles, I contributed all my savings of VND300 million to her before our marriage, despite my family’s existing debts. I am also helping to pay off a debt of VND500 million owed by her family and am supporting her brother’s education with VND70 million annually.

I consider myself a family man, steering clear of gambling, drinking, and smoking. I hand over my entire salary to my wife, striving to save as much as possible for our family’s future.

I am concerned that discussing the mutual ownership of our assets acquired before marriage, or the idea of creating a will to ensure that the surviving spouse inherits the other’s pre-marital assets, might lead my wife or her family to perceive me as opportunistic or exploitative.

What are your thoughts on my situation?

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