I’m exhausted by my negative friend

By Thuy   January 14, 2024 | 03:00 pm PT
My close friend always doubts others, makes ugly assumptions about everyone, and this is making me tired.

We have been close friends for 10 years and are still hanging out two to three times a week now. Both of us like gossiping. I initially enjoyed the stories we exchanged because they made me feel fascinated knowing things about others.

However, I have started getting tired of my close friend recently because of how she tends to think negatively about everything. For example, when I told her about my colleagues’ compliments for my clothes and hairstyle, she said: "They were just mocking you, your clothes and hairstyle are just average."

She also planted in my head the idea that everyone envies me for being beautiful, having married to a wealthy man, and having a stable job, while I think some people do not like me just because they do not know me well.

I invited my close friend and her husband to dine with my family at an expensive restaurant on my birthday. The meal cost me a lot, and while everyone praised the food, only my close friend turned to me and asked: "I wonder if this beef is really high-quality. What if they served us rotten, unhygienic meat and just hyped it up to overcharge us?"

As I replied to her that "we get what we pay for," she confronted me: "How would you know if they’re deceiving you?"

Her words made me really frustrated. I spent a lot of money to treat her and her husband, but her comments hurt my pride.

On one hand, I still enjoy gossiping with her. On the other hand, I always feel frustrated due to her negative mindset.

What should I do with this friendship?

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