I'm about to lose my happy family because of my father's debts

By Duc Hai   August 7, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
I don’t dare tell my wife and my in-laws about my father’s debts but I have been trying to secretly help him.

I’m 35, married with two children. We all live happily together.

My wife comes from a wealthy family, so she has never had to ask for anything from me. My in-laws even let the house we are living to be registered in the names of both me and my wife, as they don’t expect anything from me except taking good care of their daughter. So I work hard and give my wife part of my income every month to cover our living expenses.

My parents recently lost money with their real estate investments and borrowed money from others. They only told me when the loan’s interests already exceeded their financial ability.

But I don’t dare tell my wife, as my in-laws hate getting into debt and have been constantly reminding us not to borrow from others.

So I told my wife my mother got sick, and I would have to cut down on the amount of money I give her every month to send more to my mother. She agreed.

Still, my father is not satisfied. He has put me under pressure many times, which made me get mad and shout at my wife. I even threw things around in front of her and our children a few times, which made my wife insist on getting a divorce with me. Despite that I have tried to make up with her.

My in-laws are on my wife’s side. They encouraged my wife to get a divorce and said I would not have the custody right, since the house was given to my wife only instead the two of us.

So I’m about to lose everything, from my wife, my children, and the house I’m living in, not to mention that I have to pay my father’s debts.

What should I do to both complete my responsibilities with my father and regain my happy family?

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