I want to break up with my girlfriend as I can’t be a breadwinner

By Hoang   January 14, 2023 | 04:02 pm PT
I'm 31 years old and an office worker. My monthly pay is VND12 million ($512), but I also make a few extra million VND each month from side jobs.

I have a simple life and have a few close friends that I enjoy playing chess with. I also don't smoke or consume alcohol. I'm constantly working to get better. My girlfriend is 29. After two years of dating, both of our families want us to get married.

But I still have a lot of worries. My girlfriend is a lady of strong character. She excels at running a business and dealing with clients. She prefers to keep her business challenges to herself and avoids discussing them with me. She seldom ever talks to me about her business issues.

When I share the difficulties in my life with her, she rarely listens or gives any opinion. She thinks I am not focused on solving problems, and that I am not brave or decisive enough.

When I ask her about her views on marriage, she says that men should be the breadwinner in the family, that men should focus on economic development in the family and the children's education, and that men should be nice to the parents on both sides. She says that if her marriage is not happy, she will get a divorce.

Two months ago, I learned from a friend that she just bought an apartment that cost nearly VND3 billion.

The friend said that my girlfriend wondered whether she should love a less competent person than her while she worked so hard to get an apartment before she was 30 years old. Hearing that makes me feel very self-conscious and affects my confidence.

I am thinking of breaking up with her. I hope you can give me some advice, dear readers.

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