I still have to rent though my parents own many houses

By Hoang Hue   July 14, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
I’m 29, married, and have a three-year-old kid. My husband, my child, and I are living in one of my parents’ houses.

My parents are wealthy and they have a lot of land and houses, including the five-storey house which my husband, my kid, and I are living in. My mother called me a few days ago and told me to rent another house, as someone was offering to rent this five-storey house for a good price.

I was a bit surprised and sad, but initially thought the house was my mother’s anyway, so she could do anything she wanted with it.

But when I shared the story, my supervisor said: "It would be understandable if your parents are poor. Yet they are so rich, why do they force you to rent another house? What will your relatives say?"

As I have just returned to work, my husband and I have not saved much money yet. Bringing up our kid is already costly, and now if we move out, we will have to spend additional money on housing.

I haven’t found any house I’m satisfied with yet, but thinking about moving in this scorching hot weather makes me tired already.

So I messaged my mother suggesting that she should lease rooms instead of the whole house, and leave my family a room to stay. My husband, my kid, and I will stay in this house for two more years only, after that we will move to our in-laws’ house and return this house to her.

On a side note, my husband and I have been paying our bills while living here in my parents’ house.

So what do you think? Am I too greedy for wanting to stay for free at my parents’ property?

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