How can I feel attracted to my husband again?

By Ngoc   March 24, 2023 | 05:00 pm PT
My husband and I dated for a year before getting married, and now we’ve been together for 10 years.I am no longer sexually attracted to my husband, even though he is very handsome.

He honestly looks like a model. He has a master’s degree, is a good cook, has a thriving business, is a good father to our children, comes from a decent background, has rich parents and valuable assets.

Everything that we have was given by his parents and he has always made more money than I do. I work to get out of boredom and to send money to my parents.

My husband has no problems with this, he recognizes this as my money. Overall, I have a near perfect husband.

After 10 years together, our love has gone cold. I have never thought of finding another man to befriend before now.

But ever since last year, I have started wanting to find another man that is both emotionally and sexually compatible with me.

My husband and I still have romantic date nights and go traveling on our own, but our sex life is no longer exciting and passionate.

What should I do to form a sexual connection with my husband again?

I regularly eat vegetarian meals and meditate to relieve my sexual frustration. I want advice from others on how to be sexually and emotionally attracted to my husband again.

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