Gambling is destroying my family

By Ngoc   February 25, 2023 | 04:25 pm PT
I’ve grown sick of my husband and his mother’s gambling addictions. I’ve thought of leaving, but can’t abandon my child. What would you do if gambling was ruining your family?

My mother-in-law even hosts gambling sessions at our house.

I had no idea about this when we first got married. Back then, my husband had just learned how to gamble, and his mother would ask him to take her spot whenever she was losing.

Then he started to play more and more.

I asked his mother to tell him to stop gambling, and I asked her to stop herself, especially at home. However, she said she would simply go play elsewhere if she couldn’t do it at home. I was devastated to hear her say that.

I gently pointed out to my husband all the financial losses his gambling was causing, as well as the negative influence it was having on our child. I want to move out to "wake my husband up." I even gave him an ultimatum: if he doesn’t quit gambling, I will file for divorce.

My child is getting older and he needs both of his parents, but I don’t know what to do in this situation. I don’t have a high salary: I only make VND7 million to VND8 million per month ($296-338). I can’t afford to move out on my own with my child.

What should I do?

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