Dear men, please marry for love

By Quynh Chi   May 31, 2023 | 03:00 pm PT
“When you reach a certain point in life, you’ll realize that there are some people who can only stay within your heart, but cannot accompany you for the rest of your life”.

I once read the quote somewhere, and I think that much is true. I’ve encountered many circumstances where people get married, not for love, but because their partner is a suitable spouse for them, or it’s because they are of age.

For some reason, people cannot marry the ones they truly love, which results in marriages that potentially lead to divorces. My cousin went through the same thing.

His two-year marriage with his wife fell apart because he got caught cheating with his ex-girlfriend, whom he truly loves. His now ex-wife was just someone that he found to be a gentle and devoted woman who could become a great mother to his children.

I just got out of a seemingly wonderful relationship that came crashing down when I found out that my boyfriend texted "You’re the only one I love" to another girl.

This girl is someone that he loves very much and had been pursuing for quite some time, but his feelings were never returned. After that, he met and flirted with me. I agreed to be his girlfriend.

I have now ended that relationship. I’m sitting here thinking about how every man has someone they genuinely love with their whole hearts.

If they’re lucky enough, they would get to marry the love of their lives. Otherwise, the outcome would be deceitful marriages where only the women are the ones in love with their partners.

Dear men, please get married when you are truly in love with your partners and no longer have feelings for anyone else.

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