Dating a doctor while being a taxi driver makes me feel inferior

By Loc   October 25, 2023 | 06:29 pm PT
My girlfriend and I have gotten into many arguments lately since I am a taxi driver while she is a doctor.

My girlfriend is six years younger than me. We have not yet married despite having had a seven-year-old daughter and moved in together. My girlfriend gave birth during her third year in medical school, and I have been working as a taxi driver since then to cover our three-member family’s expenses.

We sent our daughter to our hometown shortly after she was born so that she could be taken care of by our parents while we could focus on our jobs here in the city. The kid has turned seven, and my girlfriend is now working in a private hospital.

Lately I have gotten into fights with my girlfriend many times, mainly resulting from differences between our jobs and working environments.

Though my income is good as I can earn up to VND30 million ($1,221) a month, I am still aware of how I am a blue-collar worker while my girlfriend is highly skilled.

My girlfriend promised me that the job differences would not be an obstacle in our relationship at first. However, I have a feeling that she has been sharing less about her job with me.

Another problem is that we initially planned to hold a wedding ceremony and have another baby after getting more financially stable. But when I mentioned it to her again recently, she said she was not thinking about doing so at the moment.

She explained that she wanted to focus on her job, and having a wedding was not that important to her. But I think she has changed and is now contemplating whether she should maintain her relationship with me.

What do you think?

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