Being exceptionally beautiful hinders me in finding true love

By Thuc Linh   January 10, 2024 | 04:00 pm PT
As a 30-year-old woman graced with exceptional beauty, I find my life quite satisfactory, except for the absence of a significant other.

My attractive features, a combination of both sides of my family, grant me a pleasant look and a height close to 1.7 meters. Since childhood, I have been adored by teachers, showered with compliments and numerous romantic advances during my middle and high school years. Since I became an adult, compliments like "more beautiful than a beauty queen" or "extraordinarily beautiful" are common.

I recognize my physical allure but do not prioritize looks in potential partners, as personality matters more to me. However, the men I find interesting are usually either taken or married, while those interested in me do not align with my preferences.

I have attempted dating a few times but quickly lose interest as most of them praise my appearance right away, making me feel as if they are in love with my face, not with who I am. This leads me to question if their affection will last as beauty fades.

I prefer someone attracted to my demeanor, style, and behavior, not just my looks. I wish to be cherished for who I am, not just as a pretty face.

While many might see beauty as a benefit, for me, it feels like a hindrance in finding genuine love. I envy those who find authentic love effortlessly, without the doubts that plague me.

Am I overthinking?

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