Am I wrong for telling the truth about my husband’s personality?

By Quyen   January 27, 2023 | 08:00 pm PT
My husband and I have been married for seven years. He is a very hot-tempered, stubborn person, who likes to save face.

Since we started living together, we’ve quarreled a lot. Recently, I’ve tried to be more patient, so we quarrel a bit less. Our latest argument happened more than a week ago. We were having breakfast and came across the family of our daughter's classmates. I was polite to them.

After the meal, my husband wanted to pay for both families. I told him it's not necessary to do so, especially since the two families are not close. He is always like that – always wanting to pay bills for friends whenever we go out together. Whenever I go out with him, he always wants to pay for other people.

The argument escalated when my husband said that what he did was none of my business, that he could do whatever he wanted with his money, even paying for all of our daughter’s classmates if he felt like it.

I then asked why he didn’t give me money to give lucky money to my relatives if he cared so much about his self-image. My husband got furious, cursed me and burned some of our family’s belongings at our house.

I also feel sad because he scared our daughter when he destroyed belongings in the house. I wonder whether what I said or did was wrong, and whether or not I should make peace with my husband?

I am looking forward to your advice, readers

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