When wide trousers look funny and intended sexiness goes awry

By Studs, Van Pham   April 2, 2016 | 07:44 pm PT
Kitschy, gaudy and superannuated is the only way to describe these outfits. VnExpress picks Vietnamese celebs' fashion fails of the month. 
The older half of famous twin Song Yen, Yen Trang, has never been afraid to try on audacious new trends, but as a rule of thumb, no experimenter is immune to failure. In the 9th liveshow, Yen Trang, as the female MC, did fail the audience wearing a shaggy baggy trousers, creating a sort of awkward.

MC Yen Trang has never been afraid to try audacious new trends, but no trendsetter is immune to failure. At the 9th The Remix live show, Yen Trang, shocked the audience wearing shaggy, baggy trousers, creating a sort of awkward presence.

With a senile style accompanied by not very subtle makeover and hair-dressing, singer Nhat Kim Anh adds to her own age scores of points.

With an outdated style accompanied by zombie-like makeup and hair, singer Nhat Kim Anh adds to her own score of misfires.

Big brand but out of hand,Mai Phuong Thuy, Miss Vietnam 2006, shows up in a kitschy and not so elegant outfit at press conference of Miss Vietnam 2016.

Big brand but out of hand, Mai Phuong Thuy, Miss Vietnam 2006, looks like she got to a wrong party wearing a kitschy outfit at a press conference for Miss Vietnam 2016. 

MC Viet Nga moved on with her signature mistakes in using maximalism, excessive details that helps create a messy silhouette.

MC Viet Nga continues with her signature maximalist mistake: excessive detail that makes her look like a total mess.

Hot girl Truong Nhi turned up sexy but lacked the necessary elegance.

'It girl'-turned-actress Truong Nhi brought the sexy, but forgot about elegance.

Chest cut-out and 3D pattern not getting along made actress Le Phuong a lot less sexy as she usually is.

What? I mean, seriously.... Actress Le Phuong looks like she's wrapped herself in a tablecloth.

Famous singer Bao Yen goes over the top with an cut-out dress seemingly too much for anyone her age (58). Paired with a deep red dyed hair, the outfit is now suitable for any festival that requires monotonal clown.

Singer Bao Yen, 58, goes over the top with a cut-out dress. Paired with deep red hair, the outfit is officially a trainwreck.

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