8 foods to avoid to reduce belly fat

By Bao Bao   May 14, 2024 | 05:00 pm PT
Limiting foods high in supplement sugars and trans fats such as fast food, sweets, and processed meats is recommended if you want to avoid belly fat, according to health experts.

There are several factors that may influence your goal of reducing belly fat, including the amount of exercise, stress levels, alcohol consumption, and overall dietary habits. Avoiding or limiting certain types of foods that tend to cause belly fat can help you maintain a slim figure, according to health news site Eat This Not That and Yahoo! Lifestyle.


Popcorn is rich in trans fats, which are associated with a range of health issues, including heart disease, stroke, and belly fat.

Instead of consuming popcorn, you should opt for healthy snacks like yogurt, fruits, or nuts. These foods contain good fats like omega-3 that reduce inflammation and the risk of heart disease.

Popcorn. Illustration photo by Pexels

Popcorn. Illustration photo by Pexels


Despite being delicious and convenient, packaged pastries often contain high levels of trans fats and added sugars. These substances have the potential to contribute to weight gain and fat accumulation in the body.

You can make pastries at home using whole wheat flour or brown rice flour to help reduce the absorption of trans fats. These ingredients are rich in fiber, which helps you feel full longer and reduces cravings.

Sugary cereals

A breakfast with sugary cereals may be easy to eat, but it contributes to belly fat. Cereals high in supplement sugars tend to add empty calories, leading to an increase in belly fat. These types of cereals are often lacking in protein and fiber, causing quick hunger and leading to consuming more calories throughout the morning or snack time.

Fast fried foods

Fast fried foods can lead to more belly fat when consumed regularly. They are also considered ultra-processed foods, associated with increased visceral fat, which is the type of fat located around the organs.

Ice cream

Eating ice cream regularly can lead to unwanted weight gain. Ice cream is high in sugar and saturated fats, with enticing flavors that can lead to consuming large portions at once.

You should opt for low-sugar ice cream or make homemade fruit ice cream with natural ingredients such as bananas, mangoes, and avocados to reduce sweetness.

Opting for homemade fruit ice cream with natural ingredients is recommended for those wanting to lose belly fat. Illustration photo by Unsplash

Opting for homemade fruit ice cream with natural ingredients is recommended for those wanting to lose belly fat. Illustration photo by Unsplash

Processed meat

Processed meats like pepperoni, sausages, deli meats, and bacon can contribute to weight gain. The risk of developing colorectal cancer is also higher with frequent consumption of processed meats.

Eating fewer processed meats and other processed foods and increasing fruits and vegetables intake can help maintain a slim waistline as well as enhance overall health.

White bread

White bread and refined bread lack fiber and nutrients compared to whole grain cereals. Consuming a lot of refined cereals like those in white bread is associated with increased belly fat.

It is advised to prioritize whole grain bread over white bread to increase fiber intake, helping you feel full longer and reducing cravings.


Sugary treats like fruit candies or chocolate can lead to belly fat accumulation if consumed excessively. This is because they contain high amounts of added sugars, low fiber, and protein. The empty calories from candy don’t keep you full for long and can lead to weight gain instead.

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