4 tips for enjoying milk coffee while losing weight

By Vienne   July 2, 2024 | 05:00 pm PT
Milk coffee, although higher in calories than black coffee, contains essential nutrients like calcium and protein that can enhance weight loss and help burn excess fat when consumed properly.

According to health platforms Healthline and Brightside, the calorie count for a cup of milk coffee ranges between 100-180 calories, depending on the milk and cream content. This calorie range is typical for a beverage, allowing those who are mindful of their calorie intake to still enjoy milk coffee regularly.

Here are four effective tips for losing weight while indulging in milk coffee:

1. Choose non-sugar or low-sugar fresh milk

Unsweetened fresh milk has 62 calories per 100 ml, while low-sugar fresh milk contains 70 calories per 100 ml. By using 100 ml of unsweetened or low-sugar fresh milk in your coffee, you can enjoy a nutritious and tasty beverage without a significant calorie increase compared to sweetened milk.

Milk coffee can enhance weight loss efficiency if consumed correctly. Illustration photo by Unsplash

Milk coffee can enhance weight loss efficiency if consumed correctly. Illustration photo by Unsplash

2. Opt for condensed milk for flavor

Nutrition experts note that 30 ml of condensed milk contains 90 calories. Using just 5-10 ml, or 15-30 calories’ worth, can sufficiently enhance the flavor without excessively increasing the calorie count.

3. Switch to nut milk

Substituting cow milk or condensed milk with nut milk can further reduce the calories, fats, and sugars in your coffee, as a cup of coffee made with nut milk typically has about 160 calories.

Almond milk, rich in calcium, vitamins A and D, and low in calories and fats, is an excellent choice of nut milk used in coffee. Other options include cashew milk and coconut milk.

4. Avoid creams, sauces, and flavoring syrups

Whipped cream, sauces, and flavoring syrups can significantly boost the calorie content of coffee. These additives are also processed and often contain undesirable chemicals.

For better weight loss results, it is recommended to avoid these high-calorie additions to your coffee.

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