Mekong Delta 'oasis' blurs the foundational boundaries of nature living

By Minh Trang   July 27, 2020 | 12:08 am PT
A 'floating' villa in the Mekong Delta's Long An Province provides homeowners ripple of inner peace.
In the middle of a tropical garden in Mekong Delta, the 184-square-meter house floats on a lake and helps its owners, working in Ho Chi Minh City, to have some repose from his daily grind. The construction is a product of three architects from three studios.

In the middle of a tropical garden in the Mekong Delta, the 184-square-meter house, a product of three architectural firms, offers its Ho Chi Minh City owners essential repose from the daily grind.

The building is made of five blocks which are placed randomly under a massive thatched roof. The idea of having many blocks provides better ventilation and diverse interior design.

Five 'blocks' provide increased ventilation as well as diversified and functional interior optimization.

The sheet steel roof is covered by a thatched layer that is a signature architecture in many rural areas in Vietnam. It also helps the building integrated into nature and the surounding area.

The sheet steel roof is covered by a thatched layer, a signature architectural element in many rural areas across Vietnam. It helps the building integrate with nature and its surroundings.

Under the roof, a ceiling system with wooden material reduces heat on hot summer days.

The wood ceiling helps reduce the heat on hot summer days.

Grinding concrete floor reduces the costs and make homeowner feel comfortable while walking on the floor. The wall is also made of concrete with wood-lined patterns.

So does the concrete flooring and wood-layered walls.

There is a void on the roof to get more natural light, helping homeowners to feel the movement of the Sun during the day.

A sky-light allows more sun into the home's more darker recesses.

Photos by Hiroyuki Oki

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