A rare kindergarten climbs a hill in southern Vietnam

By Thai Binh    April 8, 2019 | 08:17 pm PT
A prime location overlooking a lake in Ben Tre Town hosts a kindergarten with a unique design.
A rare kindergarten climbs a hill in southern Vietnam

The kindergarten, built on a 3,700 square meter land plot in Ben Tre Town, Ben Tre Province, opened its doors to local kids in 2017.

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Keeping in mind the need for a large outdoor space for recreational activities for children, the architect allocated more than half the total area to build the playground and outer landscape. The school buildings occupy nearly 1,500 square meters of the land lot.

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The three-storeyed building is shaped like a hill. The green grass on the hill is actually the roof of the second floor, perhaps the only such kindergarten in the country.

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Children got to have fun climbing the hill to their classrooms, making school a fun experience.

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Inside the building, they take a spiral staircase to go up and down.

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The third-floor space on top of the hill is the classroom for physical education and art.

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The two lower floors consist of 15 classrooms and other functional rooms. The classrooms are arranged near the shaft so that they can get natural light, avoiding the stuffy feeling of a typical classroom.

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The first floor has a multifunctional open space. Kids can play and have their lunch here on a normal day, and the space becomes an auditorium for special events and festivals.

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This open space is also a perfect place for teachers, parents and kids to interact each other every morning and after school.

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Its special design makes the school an ideal place for learning and playing. It has won appreciation from Archdaily, a leading website about architecture; and the third prize in the School / Hospital category of the National Architecture Prize 2018.

- 10

The blueprint of the ground floor surface.

- 11

 The blueprint of the second floor surface.

- 12

The blueprint of the third floor surface.

Photos by Hiroyuki Oki

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