Vietnamese virus: Little Mermaid goes viral on internet

By Kim Thuy   March 15, 2016 | 12:47 am PT
Six year-old Le Pham Kha Di from Ho Chi Minh City has become popular after her photos taken in a siren’s dress went viral on the internet.

The Mirror and Daily Mail – two famous UK newspapers  have published her photos, describing her as “super cute” and “adorable”.

The trend has also spread to China where neitizens have been sharing the little mermaid’s photos on Weibo, China’s social network, and complimenting her chubby cheeks.


What an adorbale lillte mermaid!


She has amazing chubby cheeks.

Her mother Truc Dao dressed her in a wig and knitted tail and the pictures were taken in a pool in her hometown as she splashed the water.


The super cool litte mermaid had a black wig, not red like the Disney character.

 The little mermaid's parents came up with the idea after watching Chinese movie The Mermaid.


The little mermaid weights about 9.5 kilograms. Her nick name at home is Apple

“We are happy and surprised that people love our little mermaid. Many people have enquired about buying the dress,  but I won't sell it. I want to keep it as a sweet memory for my daughter,” her mother said.

“She loves having her photo taken, and gets really excited every time she sees a camera.”


The little mermaid has had many fans on the internet.


The little mermaid in real life. Without the fishtail, she still looks super cute.

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