Woman incurs head injury while descending Changi Airport’s slide

By Linh Le   June 5, 2024 | 09:58 pm PT
Koey Har, an online influencer, reported sustaining a head injury while using the leisure slide at Terminal T4 of Singapore’s Changi Airport shortly before her flight.
Online influencer Koey Har. Photo from Hars Instagram

Online influencer Koey Har. Photo from Har's Instagram

According to AsiaOne, Har struck her head on the top of the tube slide at the airport on May 26.

She posted a video on her Instagram account on June 2, which depicted a bloodied bump on her head and revealed her immediate emotional reaction to the injury.

"I think I should’ve laid down while coming down the slide," she stated in the video. "So painful."

She also noted that she lost a sandal during the incident and had to hurry after that to prepare for her upcoming flight to Bali.

The video includes footage of a flight attendant treating Har’s wound on the plane, applying antibiotic ointment and a liquid plaster, and offering apologies for Har’s discomfort, for which the influencer expressed her appreciation.

Despite the ordeal, Har mentioned she would attempt the slide again if not for the accident and humorously advised viewers: "If you want to get special treatment on the plane, you must come to T4 to ride the slide!"

Har’s story has elicited mixed responses since it was shared. According to Singaporean news outlet 8days, while some netizens expressed sympathy, others suggested the injury might have been prevented if she had laid flat while descending the slide.

In response to the incident, Changi Airport Group expressed regret and highlighted the importance of following safety guidelines, wishing Har "a fast recovery."

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