Thai woman sells durian in bikini despite public backlash

By Linh Le   May 17, 2024 | 02:30 am PT
Despite the uproar on social media caused by videos and pictures of herself selling durian in a bikini on a roadside, Thai vendor Aum has continued her unique business strategy.
Thai durian vendor Aum. Photo from Aums Instagram

Thai durian vendor Aum. Photo from Aum's Instagram

According to Thaiger, Aum, 22, initially sparked debate two years ago when she shared images and videos of herself in a bikini while selling durians online. Critics argued that she was leveraging her appearance rather than the quality of her fruit to gain popularity.

Undeterred, Aum continues to operate her durian stall in the central town of Kamphaeng Phet wearing swimwear this year. She even invited her friends to join, though they chose not to wear provocative outfits like hers.

In an interview with ThaiRath, Aum highlighted that the appeal of her shop goes beyond her daring outfits. She stressed the superior quality of her products, particularly the Monthong durians from a well-regarded plantation in the eastern province of Rayong.

She dismissed the criticism regarding her bikini attire, stating that her provocative dress style is a personal choice.

Besides her durian business, Aum also works as a glamorous model. She regularly posts her photoshoots on her Facebook account.

Aum is not the first street vendor in Thailand to gain attention for wearing revealing clothes. According to AsiaOne, in 2021, 24-year-old Thai pancake vendor Aranya "Olive" Aphaiso became famous for wearing an open cardigan with no bra, prompting local authorities to order her to wear one.

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