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Mayhem reigns at Hanoi charity site

By Dinh Tung   August 9, 2021 | 05:12 am PT
Ignore social distancing rules, impatient recipients flooded a charity site in Hanoi’s Nam Tu Liem District.
Hundreds of people gathered at a place distributing rice to the poor on My Dinh Street last weekend.

Hundreds of people gathered at a distribution point for rice on My Dinh Street last weekend.

Before the distribution starts at 9 a.m., many people have waited in lines, causing chaos and forcing organizers to delay their work until 10 a.m.

Distribution was stalled until 10 a.m. as queues swelled out of proportion.

Many people are impatient, trying to cut the lines and pushing others.

Many people were desperate to get their supply of rice, leading to pushing and shoving.

A man is requested to leave after causing chaos.

A man is requested to leave after causing trouble.

Organizers require people to stay two meters apart from others.

Organizers try to keep people two meters apart.

Please stand in lines and maintain social distance, you all will have gifts, do not worry, organizers keep saying on a speaker.

"Please stand in line and maintain a social distance. You all will all receive provisions, do not worry," it was announced.

The man wearing an orange shirt is told to get out after cutting the line. Many arguments happen during the distribution.

Amid plenty of arguments, this man in orange was told to leave after cutting the line.

Most of the receivers are old people or those losing jobs to the pandemic. Each of them receives 10 kilograms of rice or a box of instant noodles.

Most recipients were elderly or those made jobless by the pandemic. Each received 10 kilograms of rice or a box of instant noodles.

Due to the chaos, organizers stop their distribution, many people rush to the truck and tried to grab whatever they can.

Due to the chaos, organizers halted distribution, initiating a minor stampede.

Many of them do not give up, taking rice and noodles even after the cart is closed.

The struggle for rice and noodles proved fierce.
Hanoi began its 15-day social distancing order starting July 24, 2021, amid rising coronavirus threats in the capital. The local authorities last week decided to extend the order until August 22.
As of Monday, the city has recorded 2,079 Covid cases in the current outbreak beginning late April.

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