Driver who blocked firetruck fined, has licensed revoked

By Long Nguyen   September 26, 2019 | 03:03 pm GMT+7
Hanoi driver who blocked a firetruck, ignoring sirens and oral commands has been fined VND2.5 million ($107.9) and had his licence revoked for two months.

The driver, who has not been named, has claimed that loud music in his hatchback prevented him from hearing the siren and the orders to give way.

A video shared on social networks showed the firetruck being obstructed by the hatchback despite the wailing siren.

"We are asking you to slow down and drive on the right," the firefighter screams on the speaker, but the hatchback ignores that too.

The incident happened on the morning of September 23.

The car obstructed the firetruck in the video.

A scene from the video showing the firetruck being obstructed by the hatchback.

The firetruck was on its way to a blaze in To market in the rural district of Dong Anh in Hanoi. The fire started at a store in the market and quickly engulfed all of the stores nearby.

7 firetrucks and dozens of firefighters were dispatched to the scene. Police and local people also helped sellers move their goods away from the fire. After one hour, the fire was put out with no casualties. 

Earlier this month, a female driver faced the same penalty after obstructing a motorcade on the way from Noi Bai International Airport to central Hanoi.

A video showed the firetruck being obstructed by the hatchback.

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