Couple turn house into wildlife 'playground'

By Minh Trang   January 11, 2021 | 04:11 pm GMT+7
Located near an old factory, a home in Saigon lures birds and squirrels with its green appeal.
Seeing a lot of birds and squirrels on old trees in the opposite factory, homeowners decided the make their house, located on a 64.5-sq-meter plot, filled with plants.The 17-sq-meter front yard has a starfruit tree, and other plants on its roof, where homeowners grow vegetables and attract their little friends to come.

Watching birds and squirrels descend on an old factory in Go Vap District, the owners of a 64.5-square-meter plot opposite decided to fill their new home with abundant greenery. The 17-square-meter front yard boasts a starfruit tree, with a lush vegetable garden situated on the roof.

The slope garden prevents the rooftop from getting drenched, while a variety of plants invite the animals to arrive.

The sloped, well-drained roof garden attracts plenty of neighborhood wildlife.

On the ground floor, architects create a void so homeowners, a young couple getting busy with the urban rat race, can use it in many purposes, such as a room for working, partying, meeting, or sleeping in case they have guests.Other rooms are located on the upper floors, where people can have a better view of their neighborhood.

The young owners insisted the architects include a mutli-purpose ground-floor area that could serve as a playroom, storage facility or even an extra sleeping space.

The kitchen, dining room and living room are interconnected on the second floor. The kitchen is located under the skylight, providing it with natural light and wind.

The open-plan living space is additionally lit by a kitchen skylight.

On the third floor, the bedroom offers a view of the opposite factory, with greeery from the skylight.

The cozy third-floor, wood-paneled master bedroom looks out over the surrounding neighborhood.

The living space is made of wood furniture with concrete ceiling, giving a cozy shade and making the house more natura.

The naturally-lit workspace overlooks the roof garden, giving users the opportunity to expand their vision beyond the screen or desk.

The brick facade gives the house a distinctive look.

Its durable, porous facade lends the house a welcoming, though private character.

Photos by Quang Tran

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