Share music and beer in Hanoi with Monsoon Festival

By Staff reporters   November 1, 2017 | 06:40 pm PT
The fourth Monsoon Music Festival will return soon to the capital to satisfy music lovers and beer lovers alike.

When you're in a cramped city like Hanoi, drinking beer in the middle of a beautiful and joyous place is certainly not a bad way to enjoy yourself.


This year is the fourth time the Monsoon Music Festival is returning to Hanoi, still at the stunningly scenic Thang Long Imperial Citadel with its seemingly endless grass fields dotted with a line of old trees in the distance and the ancient Hanoi Flag Tower on the horizon.

Compared to drinking beer at a local pub, enjoying beer at a music festival can be a whole different, indescribable experience. Lines of large tents packed with music lovers dancing to the tunes, singers from all over the world on the massive stage with songs as amazing as the cold beer glass in your hand, and thousands of glittering arms waving in the air are just parts of that experience.


Some would surely say the Monsoon's audience are lucky for being able to attend the largest, most joyous, most comfortable and most surreal festival, where music lovers and beer lovers can find their own corner or accompany each other on an amazing journey of emotions. Others might say Monsoon only deserves the number two spot, but then they would probably find it impossible to come up with another candidate that could fill the number one position.

Monsoon by Tuborg, a dream music festival made true by the enthusiasm of musician Quoc Trung, will be arriving soon for audiences to enjoy as fall comes to an end in Hanoi. Music lovers, as well as beer lovers, will certainly find it difficult to come up with an excuse to just sit at home and watch a gameshow on TV.

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