Plane captain dies during Miami-Chile flight

By Hoang Nguyen   August 17, 2023 | 04:45 am PT
Iván Andaur, captain of the LATAM Airlines flight from Miami to Chile, died in the bathroom onboard due to a cardiac arrest.

Andaur, 56, suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed at around 11 p.m. on Sunday. His two co-pilots had to make an emergency landing at Tocumen International Airport in Panama City while a nurse and two doctors onboard tried to save him, The Sun reported.

"Unfortunately, we did not have the necessary or sufficient supplies to perform a good resuscitation," said the nurse named Isadora.

LATAM pilot Iván Andaur. Photo by Facebook/Iván Andaur

LATAM pilot Iván Andaur. Photo by Facebook/Iván Andaur

After the emergency landing, passengers were booked into hotels in Panama City and resumed their journey with another flight on Tuesday.

"All the necessary protocols were followed during the flight to safeguard the life of the affected pilot. Unfortunately, after landing and receiving further medical assistance, the pilot passed away," LATAM Airlines told New York Post.

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