Photographer’s eye: Sky over West Lake

By Tomas Slavicek   April 3, 2016 | 05:07 pm PT
The best place for watching a sunset in Hanoi is probably on the shore of its biggest lake.

West Lake, or Hồ Tây in Vietnamese, is probably the most visited and photographed lake in Hanoi. Well, maybe after Hoan Kiem Lake in the very center of the city. But it’s definitely the biggest one in Vietnam’s capital. 


Rain clouds over West Lake, 2015. Photo: Tomas Slavicek.

I lived for several months with an awesome vista over West Lake. The weather there has some magic about it. I’ve never seen the same sunset over the lake. There was always something different: clouds, shapes, colors, light, fishing boats crossing the lake…probably mixture of everything. Sometimes it had big gray rain clouds, other times the sky was colored a warm orange or colder purple with the last rays of light. 


Sunset over West Lake, 2015. Photo: Tomas Slavicek.

During times with good visibility, you could even see the mountains to the north and west. Of course, you don’t get this in winter, but with the arrival of the first rains the sky will clear again and the magic of light and color will return.  

If you are there, don’t forget to grab a seat at one of the many cafes on the east side of the lake and enjoy the view.  


Golden sunset over West Lake, 2015. Photo: Tomas Slavicek.


Two fishing boats on West lake, 2015. Photo: Tomas Slavicek.


Gray storm clouds over West Lake, 2015. Photo: Tomas Slavicek.

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