Negative remarks from co-workers affect my career

By Minh   November 30, 2022 | 04:06 am PT
I am nearly 40 years old, been working in an office for 10. I started working when I was almost 30 because I completed my undergraduate studies relatively late and took some time to complete a master's.

Since I'm intelligent and articulate, I quickly advanced in the company. Many people, including both my male and female co-workers, don't like me since I am proactive and always take my own stand. A male co-worker once flatly rejected my work suggestion at a meeting.

I protested vehemently and claimed that he was unqualified to understand what I had said. He quickly informed his superior that I had insulted him and argued with him, which was the sole reason I was disciplined by my boss. The new boss didn't like me, so he used that incident to fuel his dislike of me.

In the company, there are some female colleagues who are unmarried or single mothers. Sometimes I joke that they should get married to be less difficult since men would be concerned if they are too focused on getting promoted. I was only being honest and kidding because what I stated was true. They were offended and spoke poorly of me.

They said that because I received my degree later than others, I am less qualified than them and that I am envious of them because they are younger and working at the same level as me. They also claim that I am arrogant and should first have a child if I want to lecture people. My wife and I have been married for five years and haven't been able to have a child, how can they say that?

I quit my job and am now working in a field unrelated to my major, but I still face many challenges. When I left a job at another company in the past, it took me six months to find a solid position. People in these companies all know each other. I guess former co-workers speak poorly about me to people in other companies, especially since I am suited to senior positions.

What should I do?

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