My husband refuses to sell our seldom-used car despite family financial strain

By Thu Phuong   May 21, 2024 | 03:21 pm PT
Despite our family car’s minimal use, my husband resists selling it, burdening our monthly budget with extra parking and maintenance costs.

My husband and I have two children who attend public schools in Hanoi, where our family currently resides. We own an apartment and a car.

My husband’s monthly salary is VND25 million (US$982), while I earn VND15 million. Each month, he allocates VND8 million for his personal expenses and gives me VND17 million to manage the household and other necessities.

Our family financial strain is compounded by our children’s tuition fees, which amount to VND8 million per month. This leaves us with limited funds for other family expenses.

Meanwhile, since my husband’s workplace is conveniently close to our home, our family car is rarely used, except for a few occasional trips to his hometown each year. As our children’s educational costs are expected to increase in the future, the rationale for keeping a car that is seldom used becomes even less justifiable to me.

Given our financial circumstances and the underutilization of the vehicle, I proposed selling the car to alleviate some of our financial burdens. However, my husband prefers to retain it, even though it incurs additional costs every month.

How can I persuade my husband that selling the car is a prudent decision, considering our current and anticipated financial challenges?

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