International School Ho Chi Minh City enriches student life beyond classroom

By Phong Van    April 22, 2022 | 05:00 pm PT
At ISHCMC, learners are taught to be self-aware and confident in overcoming setbacks and tackling the challenges close to their hearts, while bettering themselves.

More than 30 diploma subjects. One-to-eight faculty to student ratio. Over 200 experienced IB educators. These are some of the hallmarks that contribute to the 100 percent pass rate achieved by students at ISHCMC.

ISHCMC is one of the city's first international schools and first IB World schools accredited to teach all three IB programs. ISHCMC has a long history of graduating students to top universities around the world and is fully accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS), the prestigious international accreditation organization.

ISHCMC’s experienced educators inspire students to go beyond their comfort zones. Source: International School Ho Chi Minh City

ISHCMC’s experienced educators inspire students to go beyond their comfort zones. Photo by International School Ho Chi Minh City

Hailing from over 55 countries, ISHCMC students enjoy the best of many worlds in harmony. Modern environments abound for learners with their sights set on a lifetime of future-focused success. They are guided by expert IB educators who specialize in concept-driven, inquiry-based learning practices. Every member of ISHCMC's student body has a voice, and every question they have is answered.

This support is precisely why Akiko Motoki decided her Grade 9 journey had to begin at ISHCMC. "It is more inclusive than my previous school," she says. "There is definitely academic rigor and the teachers are really supportive of your wellbeing."

Their guidance gave her the confidence to explore. She joined the musical orchestra, competed in the intercity Battle of the Bands competition, was a member of the varsity soccer and basketball teams, and even led her CAS group for Operation Smile (a nonprofit service organization providing free reconstructive surgery and dental care for patients with cleft lips).

"If I wanted a typical school with just academics, I could have gone to any other school here," she explains. "I wanted something different so I chose ISHCMC."

These opportunities helped her realize her passion for public health. Comprehensive lessons in the sciences were equally intriguing. The valedictorian is currently pursuing both disciplines at Brown University.

Such outcomes are typical of ISHCMC graduates. The school's core values play a fundamental role in ensuring it: Curiosity, Achievement, Resilience, and Empathy (CARE). Each was set in place to guarantee students are ready to thrive not just in 2022, but in 20 years from now as well, and beyond.

"They underpin our vision of enriching the lives of children to achieve more than they believe they can," says Mike Hebert, director of admissions and market growth. "They are building blocks for our culture of CARE and enable our diverse, internationally-minded community to flourish as energized, engaged and empowered learners."

Life-enriching values

Diving into the unknown is compulsory at ISHCMC. In the process, they become self-motivated and self-efficient, and most importantly, ever keen on gaining an eventual understanding of the unfamiliar. Motoki's journey is a testament to this, and so is Silvia Familiari's.

She spent her IB Middle Years Program as a volleyball champ and active member of the Student Council by leading a welfare group, an opportunity that sparked her interest in psychology. She will be attending Università Cattolica in Italy to advance her existing knowledge.

Support abound for any challenge ISHCMC students face. Photo by International School Ho Chi Minh City

Support abound for any challenge ISHCMC students face.Photo by International School Ho Chi Minh City

All learners are encouraged to try a little bit of everything to determine their life's calling. Classrooms are just as powerful when it comes to aspirations. At ISHCMC, learning takes place in a safe, engaging environment. Each session is smooth, consistent, immersive, and sustained.

Achievement at ISHCMC extends beyond classroom successes. Here, character skills and in-demand competencies are causes for celebration too. ISHCMC believes if students are versatile, multi-faceted, and truly interdisciplinary - there’s no stopping them.

This resilience helps them stay motivated, focused on their goals, and determined to live a happy life.

"Our students’ achievements are representative of ISHCMC’s strong academic program that is grounded in a foundation of wellbeing and a culture of care that prepares students for outstanding performance, even in two abnormal years," enthuses head of school Kim Green.

Wellbeing experts and educational psychologists are plenty as well for students who could benefit from additional support. "We hold a principle of inclusion and differentiation," explains Hebert. "Every student has some sort of need. Some are gifted and need additional challenges. Some may feel like just getting to school is a challenge on its own. We have the resources to turn every negative into a positive."

At ISHCMC, all learners are encouraged to better themselves and bettering the world. Their school has the resources to teach them how. CAS, service learning and other community-based activities are frequent in ISHCMC’s secondary school. Early Years and primary students are presented with many opportunities to get involved as well.

"Empathy is taught as a core value in every classroom," confirms Hebert. "Just last week, our Knitting Club knitted thousands of pieces to be sent to Vietnamese communities impacted by flooding. We are a country that is growing extremely fast, and while we have a large accumulation of wealth, there’s still a population that needs our help."

ISHCMC will hold an Open House - Virtual on Tuesday, April 26, from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. to give you the chance to discover the International School Ho Chi Minh City.

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