HCMC University Medical Center, Novartis implement heart failure training

By May Pham    September 2, 2021 | 07:00 pm PT
Launched in May, the online Medical Training Program for nursing staff aims to support medical facilities in treating heart failure patients and improve their quality of life.

Since 2018, Novartis has piloted the Heart Failure Management program in nearly 20 hospitals nationwide to optimize treatment for heart failure patients, helping them access standard treatment and comprehensive management for healthy lives.

The nursing training program is the result of cooperation between HCMC University Medical Center and Novartis as part of Heart Failure Management Program.

Two sessions with the attendance over 1,400 doctors and nurses nationwide showed the interest of health staff in the Heart Failure Management program and the need for in-depth study at both general and specialized hospitals nationwide.

The goals of heart failure treatment comprise improving symptoms, enhancing quality of life, minimizing repeated hospitalizations, and reducing mortality.

"To achieve these goals, it is compulsory to have the cooperation of both doctors and nurses, relevant specialties, and patients and families in monitoring at home. Above all, the close connection between physicians and patients is the most necessary element to manage heart failure in the most optimal and comprehensive manner," a program's representative said.

In early 2020, Novartis officially established a dedicated project team to promote the implementation of the Heart Failure Management model in many hospitals like Hanoi Heart Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City Heart Institute, University Medical Center HCMC, Gia Dinh People's Hospital, District 2 Hospital (Le Van Thinh Hospital currently), Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital, An Giang Cardiovascular Hospital, and Dong Nai General Hospital.

Novartis has also coordinated with several hospitals and specialized associations to carry out on-site training activities. This has helped nurses improve their knowledge, consulting skills, and their ability to monitor patients. This basic training provides the most core knowledge so nurses can confidently practice clinical counseling and help manage heart failure patients effectively.

The nursing training program is the result of cooperation between HCMC University Medical Center and Novartis. Photo by: Novartis

The nursing training program is the result of cooperation between HCMC University Medical Center and Novartis. Photo by: Novartis

In particular, field observation programs from other countries in the region were implemented to learn their heart failure management models and offer training to the core teams of the program at local hospitals. Among these, many dedicated training programs are used for raising the level of Vietnamese nursing staff to help them keep pace with others in the region in taking care of heart failure patients.

Rachel O'neale, head of Country Pharma Organization, Novartis Vietnam, said: "As the number of heart failure patients is increasing dramatically, we expect the Heart Failure Management program to become a solution reducing the heavy burden on the health system. This program will provide updates on the latest information and innovated treatment that health staff could apply to clinical research practice to improve treatment results as well as meeting the needs of patients. This program is also expected to be implemented throughout provinces"

An estimated 64.3 million people are living with heart failure worldwide and this number is still growing. Vietnam does not have official statistics on the number of heart failure patients. Yet, it is estimated that 320,000 to 1.6 million people living with this disease need treatment.

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