Fish-based cooking oil a consumer delight

By Phong Van    July 25, 2022 | 06:30 pm PT
Fish-based oil could claim "the throne" due to its nutritive value and reasonable price.

The Ranee-branded cooking oil collection is the result of research on pangasius, or basa, and a combination of tuna, salmon. Based on the most modern European refining technology in Vietnam, Ranee has launched premium products that preserve all natural qualities.

The cooking oil from fish has outstanding features like a natural bright yellow color, no discoloration after heavy use, and a high burning temperature, meaning it does not produce toxic substances. Each new product: Ranee - salmon oil, Ranee - herring oil, Ranee - tuna oil... has feature outstanding features to serve diverse customer needs.

For example, Ranee - herring oil has a delicious taste and nutritional content that eliminates the fishy smell and retains full nutritional components like Vitamin B12 and an abundant iron and rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which offer some significant health benefits.

Regular use of this cooking oil will help pregnant women supplement a certain amount of iron to prevent anemia. The body produces hemoglobin - the substance found in red blood cells that helps the blood carry oxygen throughout the body, which is very good for the development of a baby during pregnancy. The vitamin B12 in herring oil supports brain function, along with the protection and maintenance of a healthy nerve cell system. This, together with folate, helps the body make cells erythrocytes.

This oil can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension.... especially coronary heart disease while preventing inflammation and the formation of blood clots. The just-launched herring cooking oil has been well-received by customers due to its great benefits.

At supermarkets, 950-milliliter Ranee cooking oil products cost VND62,000 apiece, and 1-liter Ranee Golden, VND49,000. "Cooking oil has undergone many price adjustments compared to the beginning of the year, affecting the living cost of each family. Ranee, with our large farming area and abundant raw materials, ensures reasonable prices and our commitment to a zero price surge," a Ranee representative said.

Ranee cooking oil products are sold on e-commerce platform.

Ranee cooking oil products are sold on e-commerce platform. Photo by Ranee

Products are sold on all supermarket channels including Co.opmart, Co op Food, CooXtra, Winmart...

Ranee will soon launch a promotion program with 20-30 percent discounts and gifts on e-commerce platforms including Tiki, Shopee Mall, Lazada, and Sendo.

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