Chopsticks hide the secret to your soul

By Ngoisao/Nguyen Chi, Kim Thuy   May 31, 2016 | 03:34 am PT
Chopsticks are the main eating utensil across many East Asian countries. But chopsticks are not just about enjoying food or etiquette, they actually speak volumes about your character.

The thumb and forefinger...


If that is how you hold your chopsticks, you are among those who pursue pragmatism in the workplace. You try to analyze in a logical way when you encounter a problem. You are sensitive, curious and suspicious. You will not believe in a fact or situation till you witness or verify it yourself.

Pragmatism helps you make full use of heaven-sent opportunities to promote your career.

Your fingers are in a chaos...  


Are your fingers a mess? Well, you must be a very creative person and... more surprisingly, you are a person of discipline. You are independent both in viewpoints and actions, and sensible. Your emotions are strong and I must say you trust your instincts and your ability to make a decision even when people are against it.

You hold chopsticks just like you hold a pen...


Responsible, serious and meticulous: yes, that's you. Besides, you are also practical, sociable and smart.

You set clear targets and have the ability to focus on your work. It is not easy at all to find a way to distract you. You stay calm when you encounter a problem as you believe that no obstacle is impossible to overcome.

You hold chopsticks with your thumb and middle finger while your forefinger "is free"...


Wow! You are really good at solving complicated problems. You make breakthroughs in desperate situations and striking ideas often cross your mind. Also, you pursue perfectionism. You are independent and you want to solve problems by yourself.

You hold chopsticks firmly with the participation of nearly all of your fingers...

Hello you, an enthusiastic person with tons of new ideas. You are straightforward, confident and creative. You make best use of your talents and potential when encouraged by others. You are open to new and weird ideas and you usually take the lead in new trend: a pioneer.


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