Mother reveals actor Duc Tien battled insomnia and overwork before death at 44

By Nguyen Thao   May 20, 2024 | 02:32 am PT
Ngoc Anh, the mother of actor Duc Tien, revealed that her son suffered from insomnia and had not sought medical treatment due to his hectic work schedule prior to his death at age 44.
Actor Duc Tien. Photo from Duc Tiens Facebook

Actor Duc Tien. Photo from Duc Tien's Facebook

Anh last saw her son in early May when he returned to Vietnam to manage some work responsibilities and visited her at her home in Thu Duc City.

"Duc Tien’s health is not good, especially since he had suffered from long-term insomnia, which is very dangerous," she recalled.

Despite her advice to reduce his workload and seek medical care, Duc Tien refused.

Anh said she also expressed deep concern over his intense work schedule and frequent travel between Vietnam and the U.S., which left him perpetually tired. She described how Duc Tien lived an unregulated lifestyle in the U.S., caught in a relentless cycle of work with no days off.

"Every time I called to check on my grandchild, I reminded Duc Tien to lessen his work burden and take time to rest and exercise," she said, adding that her son, however, often returned home exhausted, ate quickly, and went to sleep.

The news of Duc Tien’s passing was conveyed to Anh by her daughter-in-law Nguyen Binh Phuong, a top 10 Miss Vietnam World 2007, on Sunday morning.

"I had a portrait of him printed," Anh mentioned. "Phuong is overwhelmed, so I dare not call her, just text."

Duc Tien’s funeral will be held in California, where he was residing before his demise, and Anh plans to set up a shrine for him in Vietnam for people to visit and offer worship.

"Phuong has family and friends in the U.S., and I hope everyone can support us during this time," she expressed. "I am old and far away, so I can’t do much. I am afraid of causing more confusion for my daughter-in-law."

Duc Tien passed away on Saturday evening. He suffered a heart attack while he was at a friend’s home and was rushed to the hospital but did not survive.

Born Hoang Duc Tien, the actor moved to the U.S. in 2013, three years after marrying Phuong. He had recently founded a media and event organizing company, while Phuong works for a pharmaceutical company.

His achievements in the entertainment industry included winning a gold prize at a model competition in South Korea in 2010.

He and Phuong welcomed their first child in 2020.

In a prior interview with Ngoi Sao, Duc Tien mentioned the stress of life in the U.S., where maintaining a good financial status required him to juggle multiple jobs, such as hosting shows, live streaming for brands, and organizing events.

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