Hong Kong actress Irene Wan chooses childlessness due to appearance concerns

By Nhu Anh   June 18, 2024 | 02:50 am PT
Actress Irene Wan has decided not to have children due to fears of losing her figure and health deterioration.
Hong Kong actress Irene Wan. Photo from Wans Weibo

Hong Kong actress Irene Wan. Photo from Wan's Weibo

On her social media account on June 15, Wan revealed her concerns, influenced by her observations of her sisters’ challenging experiences with pregnancy and childbirth.

As the youngest of seven siblings, the actress said she witnessed severe complications one of her sisters faced during delivery, including significant blood loss and a critical condition. This sister also suffered from postpartum depression and took a year to recover, in addition to gaining weight and losing her pre-pregnancy appearance.

Based on these experiences, Wan has been disinclined to have children since her youth, she said.

"Having a baby is challenging, involving nine months of pregnancy and potential health issues post-delivery," she wrote. "One might experience a weakened immune system, hair loss, and changes in body shape."

She also acknowledges her sensitivity and the high value placed on physical appearance in her acting career, which requires her to maintain her figure and meticulous appearance.

Despite her decision against biological children, Wan loves children, so she and her businessman husband Kenneth Ho adopted an orphaned boy named Xavier Ho after their wedding in 2000.

Wan, 58, entered the entertainment industry in the 1980s and quickly became a sex symbol in Hong Kong. She gained prominence through her roles in films such as "Gods of Honor," "Vengeance," "Gentle Reflections," and "All of a Sudden."

In recent years, she has also embarked on entrepreneurial ventures with her clothing brand and remains active as a beauty blogger and model.

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